Tofu Cutlets with Charred Romano Beans

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While I adore and use as many vegetables as possible, I have a handful of ones I turn to more often, primarily because they grow well, and I love them with many flavors. During the summer, romano beans come front and center. These flat and large runner beans are gorgeous and are easily the star of any meal when paired with these tofu cutlets.

Why Tofu Cutlets?

Growing up in Illinois, a good tenderloin was often the focus of many food conversations, as people were very particular about how thin, crispy, and big a tenderloin could be. However, as a vegetarian, the idea of a breaded cutlet left my mind until I had the most delicious tofu katsu curry. That tofu katsu unlocked so much inspiration for eating a simple tofu cutlet, and I love a good knife and fork meal.

Charred Green Beans, A Love Story

So, what makes this recipe extra special? The tofu cutlet serves as the base and protein, while the charred romano beans tossed in the peanut sprinkle take center stage. Charring romano and green beans on the grill, pizza oven, or stove top, then letting them steam makes for my ideal fresh bean texture: tender but overly soft.

Romano Bean Alternatives

The easy alternative to the romano beans is the humble fresh green bean. Given green beans take a bit less cooking than romano beans, I’ll often char them and then place them in a bowl covered with a lid to finish cooking (which is excellent when you’re grilling)!

Beyond beans, charred eggplant, brussels sprouts, cabbage, or broccoli would all work well with the tofu cutlet and peanut-basil sprinkle.

Tofu Cutlet with Charred Romano Beans

Tofu Cutlets, a vegan version

This recipe was inspired by Justine’s tofu cutlet recipe, which she keeps vegan with the help of a flax egg and for the chipotle mayo, I recommend making a chipotle nut cream or use a vegan, soy-based mayo.

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