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While I’ll gladly eat all kinds of vegetable fritters, my heart is with a solid, sweet corn version. The corn crisps nicely while holding its texture. When it comes to the surface, I don’t like my corn fritters overly cakey, which means using just enough flour to keep all the ingredients together.

When frying, you might be concerned the fritters will fall apart. Fear not; the key is to spoon into hot oil, press down slightly, and wait until the fritter is quite crisp before flipping.

Cheddar Corn Fritters


This recipe is an excellent base for experimenting with other interesting flavor combinations. Add different cheeses, spices, grains, or kimchi to the batter. Some inspiration: cilantro + jalapeño, feta + cumin, or red lentil + curry.

I also love serving it with a hearty grain base or even a multigrain mix.

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