Mexican Quinoa Recipe

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Two tips Alex and I have discovered for making healthy, home-cooked eating part of your lifestyle are 1. Plan ahead (hard when you are spontaneous by nature) and 2. Keep things interesting. I don’t know about you, but it’s easiest for me to want to eat unhealthy foods when I don’t have something on hand that is healthy and delicious. I quickly get bored, thus the need for new recipes and different takes on old ideas. This Mexican quinoa is something I whipped up before a road trip, and it quickly became a family favorite! Keep reading for our Mexican quinoa recipe.

Mexican quinoa

How to make Mexican quinoa

This Mexican quinoa is not authentic Mexican at all, but inspired by Mexican style flavors. It’s something I whipped up quickly before a road trip, trying to use up the last of assorted vegetables in our fridge. It was a very tasty dinner in the car (and I’m not sure how Alex can drive and eat quinoa yet I’m the one in the passenger seat with quinoa all over me…but that’s another story!). The recipe was so memorable that when we returned, we promptly wanted to make it again and share it with all of you. This Mexican quinoa recipe would also be perfect as a side dish to bring to a summer potluck, as well as a healthy lunch idea.

Perhaps there was something addictive in our fajita seasoning, but this Mexican quinoa recipe sticks out as one of my recent favorites. It uses all the summer vegetables that are nearing the end of their season here in Indiana, so it’s a good September salad before we get into pumpkin spice latte season. And it was incredibly nutritious, yet interesting enough to keep our tastebuds satisfied. For a full meal, we’d suggest serving with a green salad and perhaps a side of roasted sweet potatoes. It’s also a great lunch option and saves in the refrigerator well.

The only thing that requires any technique at all in this Mexican quinoa recipe is making the quinoa! Here’s our master method and quinoa to water ratio: How to Make Quinoa Perfectly. It also includes a video so you can see exactly how we do it!

Mexican quinoa

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Mexican quinoa | Quinoa in a bowl
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