Greek Baklava Dessert

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Welcome to extreme Greek decadence! There is no better way to end off a Greek dinner club than with loads of sugar, pastry and nuts layers in the form on Baklava Dessert.

Don’t be daunted by the seemingly complex nature of the dessert ! It is quite easy if work patiently and carefully. The phyllo pastry can dry out, but don’t let this stress you out and attempt to work faster … I did that on my first two sheets which results in torn pastry ! Instead, keep a lightly damped tea towel over the unused phyllo pastry stack while you working with a layer at a time.
Alternatively, rope in a “sous chef” making it a lot quicker, the most slow and steady cook works on pulling each layer apart, while the other one places it in the dishes and brushes with butter – this was my tried and tested approach.

The fond memories I have of us girls exploring the streets and islands of Greece and stepping into a Greek bakery by the beach on a hot day for a cold baklava and iced coffee…absolute bliss! I hope this recipe and my tips take you to the same paradise:

Kali Orexi !! Bon Appetite from Little Red Feasting Hood

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