Creamy Spring Veggie Risotto

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This Spring Risotto is rich, creamy, and packed with fresh veggies like asparagus, fava beans, and sun dried tomatoes.

Spring is here, and it’s time to switch up the menu with something light and fresh, yet still comforting. This vegetarian risotto is a creamy, easy-to-make dish that brings together the fresh flavors of the season, like asparagus and fava beans, with the rich, comforting taste of risotto.

Perfect for a relaxed dinner at home, this risotto is about celebrating the fresh start that spring brings, without the need for over-the-top ingredients or techniques.

This Spring Veggie Risotto is:

  • Fresh: Every bite is packed with the crisp, tender veggies.
  • Creamy: That creamy, buttery texture that makes risotto famous.
  • Zesty: The lemon and white wine add a burst of acidity!
  • Versatile: Use your own favorite veggies and herbs for endless variations.
spring veggie risotto

Key Ingredients & Substitutions

Arborio Rice: The star of any risotto, its starchiness lends the dish its characteristic creaminess. If you’re in a pinch, carnaroli rice is a worthy substitute.

Spring Vegetables: Asparagus and fava beans shout Spring, but feel free to get creative with peas, artichokes, or even radishes for different textures and flavors.

Parmesan Cheese: Adds depth and a hint of saltiness. For a different twist, try pecorino romano or Grana Padano.

Heavy Cream: Makes the risotto nice and rich. But a dollop of crème fraîche could add a tangy twist if preferred.

spring veggie risotto being served in a bowl
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