Christmas Tree Cakes

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This homemade Christmas Tree Cakes recipe is a homemade version of childhood favorite holiday snack-Little Debbie Christmas Cakes. These are tree-shaped mini cakes with vanilla cream filling, and crunchy white coating garnished with green sprinkles and red icing.

Christmas Tree Vanilla Snack Cakes

Homemade Christmas Tree Cakes are adorable, so festive, and delicious.

These mini cakes will look great on your Christmas cookie tray. They are also perfect homemade gifts. After the coating and icing harden they are very simple to pack and transport.

Each Christmas tree cake has two thin cake layers with a cream filling sandwiched in the middle. The cake is soft and the filling is also very smooth and creamy. Soft, tender cake and filling make a perfect match with crunchy coating shells.

Homemade Little Debbie Inspired Christmas Tree Cakes

If you are a fan of storebought Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes you must try this homemade recipe inspired by a childhood favorite holiday treat.

Making a homemade version of these mini cakes is a little messy, but also very fun and brings up the
the true spirit of the holiday baking season.

Actually, the recipe is very simple starting with a box of cake mix. The filling is also super simple to make. However, cutting out the trees and dipping them into candy coating or almond bark might be quite sloppy. The cake is very tender and crumbles easily, but after dipping a few trees, you’ll probably master the technique.

Tips and Tricks for Making Perfect Mini Cakes

  • When you assembled the cake layers and filling, cool the cake completely before start cutting out the tree shapes.
  • Use a metal cookie cutter, it works better than plastic for this purpose.
  • After you cut out the trees, use a knife or icing spatula to smooth the filling along the sides of the cakes if needed.
  • Freeze the mini cakes before dipping them in white candy coating or almond bark to ensure the cakes don’t break and fall apart as you dip them.
  • You can spoon the almond bark over the Christmas Tree cakes to make sure they are completely covered.
  • After one layer of coating is firmed, repeat as many times as you want for thickness, but 2 is certainly enough for solid coating.
  • Add sprinkles while the coating is still soft. It hardens quickly since the cakes are cooled.
  • Wait until the coating has dried and hardened before applying the red icing stripes.
  • If you have the kind of icing where you should just snip off the tip of the nozzle and then squeeze the icing out, cut the tip of the packet smaller than you think you need it and pipe a line onto a sheet of paper to test the flow, then cut more if needed.
  • Hold the frosting at least a half-inch above the Christmas Tree so that the icing falls across the cake.
  • Allow the red icing to dry before moving the cakes.
  • After the coating and icing are dried and hardened, cakes are easy to move, pack or transport if needed.
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