Beef Parmesan

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Reimagine the classic Italian-American inspired dish with this easy beef parmesan. Breaded beef served with a tomato sauce and cheese over pasta and a hearty salad.  

This post was created on behalf of the NCBA, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Turns out, I love sinking my teeth into savory delicious dishes, like perfectly smoked roasts, or classic thick and juicy burgers. So when the folks at Beef, yep, the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. guys invited me to put a twist on traditional recipes with beef taking over as the star. I was excited to get to work in the kitchen. Bonus points if the cuts were common, inexpensive and easy to find at the market.

But, why make beef the main star? Did you know that beef is a powerhouse protein loaded with 10 essential nutrients and just 3 oz of lean beef is a perfect source of 25 grams of protein? Yep, turns out it’s a mighty package with a delicious and healthy punch.

But, can beef really replace our favorites? Does anyone want to try cowlimarie? How about Korean Fried Beef? And what about the classic marinara and cheese smothered breaded chicken favorite… Could beef be the prize choice and make the cut?

Turns out… yes, yes, and heck yes. Like these fun beef substitutes. And danged if beef parmesan isn’t everything you want it to be. My friends loved this meal, they raved about the use of a chuck roast and said the breading worked perfectly for the beef.

What you need: 

To make this recipe, you can use a variety of beef options. I chose a chuck roast because it was at the market and was inexpensive, but most lean cuts sliced thin and pounded out would work well like sirloin, tenderloin, or even thin slices of round.

Avoid grain heavy cuts like skirt steak for this cut as those are better for thin slices, like in a stir fry.

How to make it: 

Once you have the meat, you may need to pound it thin. Do this by laying plastic wrap on your surface and placing the meat in the center. Top it with another layer of plastic. Use a rolling pin or mallet to pound the beef into ¼ thick slices. 

From there, prep your work area by laying out each station in order before you coat the meat in 1) flour, 2) dip it in the egg wash, and 3) place it in the cheesy bread crumbs to coat it. Placing the breaded slices on a wire rack in the fridge for an hour or so helps to dry out the bread and produces a less soggy fry.

Because the meat is so thin, when you are ready to cook it, it fries up quickly before it’s topped with sauce and of course, cheese.

What to serve with Beef Parm?

This dish pairs perfectly with al dente pasta lightly tossed in marinara sauce, or polenta. It would also be delicious on a hoagie roll as a hot beef parmesan sandwich! Pile a leafy green salad alongside.

Looking for another fun alternative? Instead of baking these as cutlets, consider cutting the beef into thin strips for a spin on “chicken” fingers!

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